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Sundays, 8:00 - 9:00 a.m., Room 4 - 103   



Fall Semester: ________________________________



October 14: A. Khalfallah

Nonstandard extension of affine schemes



November 11: J. Abuihlail

Ultrafilters of Prüfer-like rings (1)



November 18: J. Abuihlail

Ultrafilters of Prüfer-like rings (2)


November 25: K. Adarbeh

(Gorenstein) Rings of finite Ext-index (1)


December 02: K. Adarbeh

(Gorenstein) Rings of finite Ext-index (2)


December 09: A. Tatar

Vanishing of cohomology over Cohen-Macaulay rings


December 16: A. Mimouni

Goto et al.’s recent work on Sally’s question and Shimoda’s conjecture


December 23: H. Hroub

Zariski spaces of modules over arbitrary rings


December 30: A. Kadri

Reductions and core of ideals

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Spring Semester: _________________________________


February 10: J. Abuihlail

Semi-unital Semi-monoidal Categories. A concrete example



February 17:  I. Al-Rasasi

The Korselt set of a square of a prime



February 24: O. Al-Mallah (King Faisal Univ.)

Group rings and cleanness property 




March 03: O. Echi

Examples of Galois Connections


March 10: O. Echi

Galois connections and classes of continuous maps


March 31: Efim Zelmanov (Univ. of California-San Diego)

Complexity of Rewriting Systems


April 14: M. Halic

Semi-stable vector bundles on P 2-fibre bundles over P 1

April 28: 2013 CARG Workshop

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May 05: A. Kadri

MATH 711 - PhD. Dissertation Proposal Defense

Title: t-Reductions of ideals in integral domains