Fifth International Fez Conference on Commutative Algebra and Applications
June 23 - 28 , 2008, Fez, Morocco



The University S. M. Ben Abdellah organizes the fifth international Fez conference on commutative algebra and applications during the period of June 23 - 28, 2008 at Fez, Morocco. The purpose of the conference is to present recent progress and new trends in commutative algebra and applications. It also aims to gather together mathematicians sharing the same algebraic roots for a fruitful interaction.

Several talks will be centered on topics influenced or inspired by Prof. Alain Bouvier (CV, Math descendants) to pay tribute to the significant role he played in initiating and inspiring diverse and important contributions to the field over a thirty year period.

The scope of the Fez Conference encompasses, but is not limited to, the following areas:


  • Class groups and class semigroups

  • Cores of ideals                                                                                               

  • Dual of an ideal and trace properties

  • Factorization and irreducibility criteria

  • Gorenstein homological algebra

  • Gröbner bases and computational methods

  • Group rings, semigroup rings, and graded rings                                                     

  • Homological aspects of commutative rings

  • Integral closures of various types

  • Integer-valued polynomial rings and generalizations

  • Prime spectra and dimension theory, chain conditions, and spectral topology

  • Pullbacks and trivial ring extensions

  • Stability conditions

  • Star operations and semistar operations

  • Tilting modules over commutative rings

  • Valuations, Prüfer like domains, and overring properties

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