King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals                                                                       Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Commutative Algebra Research Group (CARG)

CARG Seminar



Mondays, 8:00 - 9:00 a.m., Room: 5-103   



Fall Semester: ________________________________


October 10: R. Noegraha
Normally projective semimodules

October 17: K. Adarbeh
Zaks' conjecture on rings with semi-regular proper homomorphic images

October 24: O. Echi
Combinatorics on Words (I)

October 31: O. Echi
Combinatorics on Words (II)

December 05: A. Kadri
On t-reductions of ideals

December 19: A. Tatar
Actions of crossed modules on crossed modules

December 26: A. Mimouni
Edge ideals of graphs (I)

January 02: A. Mimouni
Edge ideals of graphs (II)


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Spring Semester: _________________________________




February 20: R. Noegraha

A characterization of ideal-semisimple semiring and congruence-semisimple semiring


May 01: A. Mimouni

Linkage of ideals in commutative rings


May 08 Sixth CARG Workshop - 2017